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Game Online

Online games are one of the entertainments that are in permintaan by most teenagers and children today. Teenagers and children are able to stay in front of the screen to play online games for a long time. Playing online games creates a dependency efek. The phenomenon of online game addiction can cause various negative impacts on bodi health. Following are the efeks of addiction to playing online games?

Reporting from the Journal of Psychology Bulletin Kampus Gadjah Mada (UGM), online games are games that can be played by many people at the same time by using an internet connection. Teenagers are a grup that is more prone to online game addiction than adults. This is because teenagers are in a period of instability so it is easy to get caught up in new things.

Reported from various sources, here are the impacts of playing online games in terms of various aspects of life.

Health Aspect

Rilis the page, online games can reduce brain performnce, one of which is difficulty regulating stimulanive behavior (restraint). In addition, other brain functions such as the function of attention (focusing on something), executive function (performing and rencana actions), and inhibitory functions (the ability to limit) are also impaired.

Psychological Aspect
Some online games present violent scenes in them, such as fighting, killing, and tembakan. Quoting from the 2019 edition of the UGM Psychology Bulletin Journal, this condition has an indirect influence on the consciousness of adolescents. Symptoms such as irritability, saying dirty words, emotional, are signs of online game addiction.

Social Aspect
Described in the 2020 edition of the Journal of Educational Ulasan and Research, playing online games reduces the intensity of teenagers to interact with other people so that it can cause difficulties when they are required to socialize directly in real life. Online games also increase antisocial attitudes because they do not have a sense of mingling with society.

Financial aspect
Reporting from the 2019 edition of the UGM Psychology Bulletin Journal, the online game fitur requires players to buy vouchers or coins in order to continue to santai its serviss. The costs required are not small, so many teenagers commit crimes ranging from stealing, cheating, to lying to their parents so they can play online games.