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How to Play Sonic Dash

How to Play Sonic Dash, there is a game made by Microsoft that is very decent and you should try it. This game is also my favorite game. This game is called Sonic Dash. Initially, the Sonic Dash game was only played on Microsoft smartphones. But only in 2015 the Sonic Dash game can already be played on smartphones with the Android operating system.

SoniC Dash Game is a Game published by Sega. Who is Sega? Sega is a company engaged in the interactive entertainment industry. Sega has spread throughout the world with offices in America, Japan and several countries in Europe. SEGA is well-loved with the blue hedgehog known as “Sonic”. In this Sonic Dash game you are challenged to how far you can run. In accordance with the slogan of the game Sonic Dash, namely “how far can the world’s fastest hedgehog run?

How to Play Sonic Dash
How to Play Sonic Dash


It’s very easy to play this sonic dash game. On your smartphone, playing the sonic dash game simply uses your fingers. Just like other games, you simply swipe or point your fingers to the right, left, up and down. How to Play Sonic Dash.

  • Right direction to shift to the right lane
  • Left direction to shift left
  • Down direction to duck or run through the bottom. This is used when there is a high
    barrier or obstacle, so Sonic has to bend down so he doesn’t hit.
  • Up direction to jump. This jump is used if there is an obstacle that passes through it, you must jump, because there are no holes at the bottom.

In this game there are 3 paths, namely the left, middle and right lanes. This sonic dash game has many characters, you can choose one of them. Sonic dash game characters are Tails, Shadow, Knuckle, Blaze and others.

Please keep watching the save blog for more information about this Sonic Dash game. The update will also be very complete. Definitely fun and informative. Also get tips and tricks on how to beat the king or boss in the sonic dash game the easy way. Similarly, it is safe to share information on how to play the sonic dash game.

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