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Online Gaming

online gaming Currently, gadgets are relatively easy to obtain by anyone, including children. People’s interest in gadgets or gadgets is due to various things, ranging from business matters to education, media sosial, pertunjukan and games.

Games are mandatory in handphone applications both online and off-line. Off-line games can be played anytime without having to be connected to the internet. While online games when played must use the internet network.

Why people are interested in playing online games compared to off-line games. Sometimes there are online games that have the same concept as off-line, but there is more fun in the online version. For example, online games have more levels, asesoris, more opponents and more.

Online games are games that are usually used for internet networks and the like and always use current technology, such as modems and cable connections. The meaning of online games in Indonesian is online games.

Usually online games are provided as an additional servis from online servis providers, or can be accessed directly through a sistem provided by the company that provides the game. An online game can be played berbarenganeously using a komputer connected to a particular network.

According to Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams, online gaming is a technology, rather than a game jenis; a mechanism to link players together, rather than a certain pattern in a game.

Meanwhile, according to the 1913 edition of the Webster Dictionary, the termin game is defined as “A contest, physical or psikis, according to certain rules, for amusement, recreation, or for winning a stake; ace, a game of chance; games of skills; field games, etc.”

There are many tipes of online games, from sederhana text-based games to games that use complex graphics and form virtual worlds occupied by many players at once.

In online games, there are two main elements, namely the server and the klien. The server performs game administration and connects the klien, while the klien is the game pemakai who uses the server’s capabilities.

History of Online Games Breaking the World

Online games have a long history to be as sophisticated and exciting as they are today.

So initially this online game was made for two players whose purpose was also for education. Online gaming dates back to 1969, when games for two were developed with the initial aim of education.

Then in the early 1970s, a sistem with time-sharing capabilities, called Plato, was created to make it easier for students to learn online, where several users could akses the komputer berbarenganeously according to the time needed. Two years later, Plato IV appeared with new graphics capabilities, which were used to create multiplayer games.

Online gaming didn’t really take off until 1995, when the restrictions on the NSFNET (National Science Foundation Network) were removed, making akses to the complete domain of the internet.
Monetary success came to the companies that launched this game, so the competition began to grow and make online games even more developed to this day.[3]